Hello everybody,


As you may have heard by now, we at ÜG have unfortunately had to close our doors both out of necessity to do our part to slow the spread of the COVID-19 through our community and in compliance with the order from the state of Colorado. At this point, we don’t know how long we will need to remain closed, and therefore hesitate to state a possible reopen date. We will be closed until minimally April 15th, but can expect it to be at least 8 weeks before we reopen based on the most recent projections by our state government and the CDC. We of course hope as the situation progresses and if there are strong indications the spread of COVID has significantly eased, we will all be able to return to normal sooner rather than later. Thank you for your support, patience, and understanding. 


As far as membership goes, we will NOT be charging any future regular dues or program fees until we are able to reopen (our next scheduled billing would have been April 5th, but will not run). There is no need to submit a freeze request at this point, because we will not be billing you anyway.


We have had numerous members reach out asking for ways to support ÜG and our staff to ensure what we all love about ÜG continues after this crisis ends. Since opening in 2017, our community has been amazing; we thank everyone for your kindness and support!  We have several options for those who wish to help (and fully understand that many of you are going to be facing hardships just like our staff). Please consider these options, then go to our COVID Membership Change Form to state your preference.


  1. Request to have your EFT membership credited for the closure portion of the March billing period (starting 3/16). Credit will go towards the next dues we collect when we reopen. Additionally, NO MEMBERSHIP DUES OR OTHER FEES WILL BE charged until we are able to reopen. This will be our default unless we hear otherwise from you.

  2. Waive any dues credit for the remainder of March and forego future dues at no cost until our post COVID-19 reopening. Please know the dues you have paid for March are actively going to work; we are taking advantage of this closure to do thorough maintenance and cleaning of our facility as well as operational improvements to make ÜG even better when you return!

  3. Waive any dues credit for the remainder of March and pay all or a part of your regular dues in April (and possibly May if we remain closed) for all or a portion of the month. All dues voluntarily paid while we are closed go to paying our employees and helping us take care of their needs.  Also, anyone who pays dues throughout our closure will receive a free month of dues on the anniversary of our re-opening.

  4. Switch to a longer term prepaid membership (consider a 6 or 12 month prepaid membership) that will activate on the first day we open. Purchasing a prepaid membership now helps us through what will be a difficult several months, while also providing you with long-term value on your purchase.  Any annual pre-paid membership purchased during the closure will receive a 13th month free.  Purchases can be made at www.ugclimbing.com/membership-sales


We understand everyone’s situation is very dynamic and changes daily. For those who elect the 3rd option, you will be able to modify your optional dues at any time before the 5th of April and 5th of May by submitting a subsequent COVID Membership Change Form. All changes will be processed before running our billing process. To submit your membership preference, click on the link below. Our staff, as well as our members, are big contributors to the amazing community we’ve been able to create.  Your coaches, route setters, crag managers and staff, and friends that work at ÜG greatly appreciate any contributions that can be made.


We will post any news and announcements we have (including our reopening) to our website and social media platforms. Please follow us to stay informed of future updates.  We also hope to offer at-home live stream and posted workout videos so you can stay fit for your return!


Feel free to reply directly to me (brian@ugclimbing.com) with any additional questions.  Questions regarding ongoing youth programs will receive additional information in the coming days.


We look forward to seeing all you wonderful people again soon.



The Übergrippen Family