Meet Osiris: Übergrippen Head Route Setter

For the past 2 years we at Übergrippen have been working hard to create what believe will become a truly amazing and unique indoor climbing crag! That effort started with site selection, then moved to facility and climbing wall design, and is now concluding with the much anticipated construction! When construction wraps up next spring, all we will be left with is a big blank canvas. Though the canvas should be great to look at, without great routes it means nothing. In order for our building to meet our goals required that we find the right artist to paint our canvas with the multi-colored polyurethane climbing holds that will keep our members excited, challenged, and coming back time and time again. Enter Osiris Graves (aka “OG”), Übergrippen’s recently chosen Head Route Setter!  We are extremely excited to have Osiris join our team. Not only does he have a passion for the trade, but he completely shares our vision for creating a community focused climbing facility.

Despite being raised in NE Denver (he is an East High School Alum) Osiris had to leave Colorado to attend college at Humboldt State University in California to actually enter into the sport of climbing! Osiris’ first experience with climbing was working at the Humboldt State rec center where he got a job as a rock wall attendant. He saw this as an opportunity to have a job he thought he would both enjoy and learn from. Little did he know that part time job would transform him. He went on to manage the wall at HSU, became head route setter, organized several comps, and was one of the creators of their own climbing community (“The Humboldt Stone Monkeys”).  It was this community around climbing that really sucked Osiris in — the Monkey’s would travel the country during any possible break seeking out amazing climbing and meeting equally amazing people along the way.

Eventually Osiris moved back home to Denver to complete his Industrial Design degree at Metro State. Returning to Colorado, Osiris also quickly realized the unending climbing “candy store” that was literally in his hometown backyard – something he never realized while growing up here. Since his return, Osiris has explored the state and lists Primo Wall at Clear Creek, Shelf Road, Rampart Range, and North Table as personal favorites. While finishing his degree at MSU he was involved in route setting and organising comps at the MSU climbing wall.  While in school, he helped to transform this modest facility into a busy hub for the student climbing community.

My passion for climbing stems from a variety of experiences. The ones most important to me are all the amazing people I get to meet and the beautiful places I get to explore along the way. It really is all about the climbing community and the passionate and interesting people who make it up.  Kim and Jake the Owners of Übergrippen totally get the idea of how important community is and want to create a place that feels more like your local climbing crag than a gym were you go just to get a pump.  This is what draws me to ÜG and I hope to use my climbing experience as well as over seven years of setting knowledge to bring unique, fun and interesting routes to their crag.  I have lived in the East Montclair neighborhood for over fifteen years and am very excited about what ÜG will do for this community! – Osiris Graves

Look for Osiris leading our route setting team next spring…his crew will be constantly throwing up an interesting, entertaining, diverse, and fresh collection of routes to challenge and stimulate you no matter what your ability!

TRUBLUE Auto Belay

A feature at Übergrippen will be the inclusion of up to 10 TRUBLUE auto belays. These devices provide many benefits including:
  • Solo climbing for those times you may we want to do some training but your climbing partner bailed on you because she had to walk the dog.
  • Allows our staff to work with a large groups of new climbers that are unfamiliar with belaying that want to start climbing quickly.
  • A parent that wants to supervise a few kids climbing at a time.
To use auto-belays alone still requires training and we always recommend a buddy check to help protect yourself against accidents.

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