Yoga at the Crag

What could be a better compliment to world-class indoor climbing than world-class mind/body classes? Yea, we couldn’t think of anything either!

Climbing and yoga go hand in hand (or maybe hand over hand). Look no further than Übergrippen to satisfy your need to stretch, focus, meditate, strengthen, and lengthen with a variety of formats of yoga including flow, sculpt, yin, and basics. There will be no need for a separate membership to a yoga or barre studio. Übergrippen will have all your climbing, yoga, and fitness needs under one roof (for you and the entire family). To round out our mind/body program, we will offer pilates and barre to emphasize core strengthening and full body toning. Our yoga, pilates, and barre classes will be led by experienced instructors who are invested in the Central Park community. Our thoughtfully designed building provides an amazing space for every aspect of the climbing crag including, our mind/body room with 1100 square feet of bamboo flooring and a roll up doorway that opens to our outdoor garden and lawn area(yoga al fresco anyone?).

There is something for everybody on the mind/body schedule! A variety of classes will be offered throughout the day to help you maximize your time at the Crag. Climbers will appreciate Yoga For Climbers which will incorporate specific postures to counteract over usage of climbing muscles as well as meditation and breath work to help flex your “focus” muscles, so you can tap into those same skills while climbing during a difficult route. Maybe you’re the one family member who isn’t sure they want to climb but does want to work out. Your family membership will still be well used if you want excellent, effective quality mind/body instruction. Many classes will be offered with either child care or kids yoga classes happening simultaneously. Going above and beyond a typical gym or studio setting, our instructors will work together to offer seasonal themes meant to enhance your outdoor Colorado activities. Look for ski conditioning in the fall and ski recovery stretches throughout the ski season. We work hard, so we can play hard in Colorado and sometimes that means we need to recuperate with Yin Yoga, in which you’ll sink into deep long holding stretches designed to release muscular tension. Pilateswill provide an emphasis on core strengthening, an added benefit to any physical activity. Barre will bring a full body burn with no stress on the joints. If you like getting upside down and working out with a friend, Acro Yoga will be on the list for you!  This weekly class is for everyone and will provide a playful experience for everyone regardless of your yoga skill level.

Workshops and special programs are on our radar for future mind/body experiences- partner yoga, adaptive yoga, ariel yoga, teen yoga anyone? The sky’s the limit and you get to help choose the flight pattern! We are excited to see our classes take shape and look forward to hearing feedback from you to keep our programming fresh, and effective.

Übergrippen offers climbing, high quality yoga, pilates, & barre classes, state of the art cardio machines, free weights, a super intense group exercise system, child care, a future cafe with taproom and many community building programs and workshops. Welcome to the new fun way to spend a day or an hour with your family in Central Park!

Using Climbing to Manage MS

We’ve all been transfixed by footage of climbers tempting fate on bold, risky routes. I’ve sat on the edge of my couch, anticipating a horrific accident, mesmerized by the calm and focus on the climber’s face. Instead of overwhelming fear, danger seems to have the opposite effect on some climbers. That is certainly the case for Jeff Reichmuth. This intoxicating feeling began back in 1983 when he was a college freshman and brand new to climbing. Looking back, Jeff reflects, “I was so stupid, my climbing partner Dan Filippi and I hiked to the 800-foot Sharkstooth spire in Rocky Mountain National Park, circumnavigated the whole thing to identify the weakest line, climbed the spire without placing any gear, only slung a few horns along the whole climb, took only a few biners, and a 50 meter rope. We were so clueless that I actually found a piece of fixed gear and did NOT clip it. Even though the climbing was easy, a fall would have killed us both.”

That trip began a decades long obsession with climbing that took Jeff around the country and the world. However, the ability to scale routes in Spain, Cuba and Mexico was severely tested in 1999, when Jeff began to feel numbness in his feet and noticeable muscle fatigue. Concerned with his symptoms, Jeff visited a doctor, who ordered an MRI, revealing lesions on his brain and spinal cord, the telltale sign of Multiple Sclerosis. Within a few months, his body deteriorated, Jeff was bedridden.

Conventional treatments had little positive impact on Jeff’s MS, so with few options and against the medical establishment, he attempted to climb. “Those first days back on the wall were a huge struggle”, Jeff reflects, but over the following months, climbing helped reversed Jeff’s symptoms and he slowly regained his strength and coordination. Although climbing is not a proven treatment for MS, Jeff theorizes that climbing “stimulates neuroplasticity, not only is the exercise more difficult and intense than other pursuits, when you don’t want to fall the body and mind are pushed into overdrive, which has some unexplainable benefits.”

17 years after his diagnosis, climbing is still a passion of Jeff’s and continues to be the most effective treatment for his MS symptoms. Jeff adds, “I believe that we have more control over autoimmune diseases than we can imagine, and for me, climbing has made the biggest impact, more than skiing, hiking or biking.” Besides the physical benefits, climbing has also renewed his spirit. Jeff hopes that Übergrippen will have a similarly positive impact on others with physical challenges, hoping to team up with members of the Rocky Mountain MS Society, Craig Hospital, and veterans injured in war. “Climbing has been a big part of my life for over 30 years and I love the climbing community, and my desire is to see this place become a gateway for others to join that community, a brotherhood and sisterhood for the others as well”.


A newly formed partnership with German climbing company Edelrid will bring top quality technical gear for our members and guests to use. This includes rental harnesses, industry leading belay devices (check on the Jul2) and assistive brake device (the brand new Ohm coming out this fall), ropes, and more.  In addition to offering our members and guests an incredible climbing experience, we will have some exclusive members only deals to purchase some great Edelrid gear during our Grand Opening next spring!

Proshop Updates

Following our trip to Outdoor retailer, we have finalized our initial retail offerings.  You can look forward to finding the following top brands for sale:
  • Edelrid
  • Mammut
  • CAMP
  • Black Diamond
  • Petzl
  • Trango
  • La Sportiva
  • Evolv
  • Red Chili
  • Tenaya
  • Scarpa
  • Metolius
  • Bison
The shop will feature everything you need for climbing atÜbergrippen or going sport climbing at one of Denver’s nearby crags.  Our members will earn a 10% or greater dividend back on purchases greater than $15.  This dividend will be applied to their future proshop purchases.

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