The Crag Orientation

All guests coming to climb at Übergrippen will be given a brief (~10 minute) facility and safety orientation on their first visit. After completing this orientation, you will earn our orientation badge.

The Auto Belay Badge

 Most guests will be provided with an Auto-Belay orientation as part of their facility orientation. This orientation reviews provides instruction on how to properly put on your harness, what you need to inspect on your harness, proper Auto-Belay clip-in, dangers of free-solo climbing, and use and knowledge of Auto-Belay gates. Those that complete this orientation will earn their Auto-Belay badge which allows adults to independently use our Auto-Belays. We always recommend ALL USERS of auto-belays request a “buddy check” before climbing on an auto-belay. Buddy checks are an important in all types of roped climbing and are there to provide additional assurance to the climber that they are clipped in or tied in properly. Before starting EVERY climb, the user should always double check they are properly clipped into the auto-belay at the correct point. Users of auto-belays accept all responsibility for clipping in to the system properly – failure to clip in properly can result in falling from height. Those individuals that are not comfortable with using the auto-belay systems, need additional training, or want an different experience should speak with our staff.

The Belay Tests

Guests with previous climbing experience wishing to top rope belay, lead climb, or lead belay will be required to complete a review of their skills by our staff (aka “the belay test”).  There are two different crag badges you can earn that demonstrate your level of proficiency.  To earn your badges, you must be able to successfully demonstrate the following skills:

The Top Rope Badge

To pass the Top Rope Belay certification you must demonstrate properly how to tie into the rope using a “Figure 8 Follow Through” knot, how to inspect your knot and harness, verbal commands, belay device set-up, and demonstrated proper belay technique including taking slack (preferably using the PBUS method while maintaining constant control of the brake strand), catching a falling climber (simulated), and lowering a climber.

The Lead Climb Badge

To pass a lead climbing test, you must be able to confidently climb a 5.9.  When climbing you must demonstrate proper clipping technique and be able to describe improper clipping practices (z-clipping, back clipping). Climbers should be able to describe and identify improper foot work (stepping foot behind the rope). When belaying, you will demonstrate quickly letting out and taking in slack while maintaining constant control of the brake strand, how to catch a fall, and proper position to the wall.