Übergrippen started from the beginning as a locally owned small business dedicated to serving all of NE Denver and NW Aurora.  We are proud to be part of the local community!  That ideology continues as we look for ways to support our local community, bring people together, and share!

Bringing Together Friends and Family

We believe that climbing is about community! Indoor climbing is an activity that uniquely allows people of all ages and abilities to participate together! Where it is common in the world of team sports to have family members cheering on their son/daughter/sibling  while the one member is active.  When we go to “the crag” to climb, it is an opportunity for all of us (friends, family, neighbors) to come together a play!  Everyone is given an equal opportunity to perform at their peak level, to be cheered on, and to achieve their own successes each time.

Building More than “Just Another Gym”

At Übergrippen we have always avoided the “g” word in favor of referring to ourselves as an indoor “crag”.  We feel that to truly embrace the community aspects of climbing we had to extend your experience beyond just “sending” a route. We started by building in the heart of a residential neighborhood…we are not a gym in a forgotten industrial area but a crag that you can walk or ride your bike to.  Übergrippen is a place you come to climb, but stay to connect — we welcome our members and guests to come climb, but stay and have dinner.  Bring a picnic, some food to grill (we have one that is free to use!), and a cooler of your favorite beverages (you must stop climbing if you decide to enjoy an adult beverage)…let the kids run on the lawn or climb our outdoor boulder as the sun sets.  Practice your skills on our slacklines (coming soon).  Use our picnic tables, relax in a rocking chair.  Slow down and enjoy your time with those people that are important to you!

ÜG Supporting Community Auctions

Do you have a local community organization (school, PTA, community service group, charity organizations, etc) that has a auction?  We try to support as many community auctions as possible by donating climbing packages.  These packages have raised individually in excess of $500 for the various groups we support!  Email us at community@ugclimbing.com with information about your groups fundraiser including date, benefits your group provides to our local community, point of contact, group/organization name, and event name.

If you are a local community member that wants to help raise money for your favorite group, check out some of the many local auctions that go on throughout the year…and remember to bid often!

Fundraisers @ ÜG

Looking to raise some money for your school? We love to support our local neighborhood schools by hosting fund raising nights. Hosting a fundraiser night at the crag for your school is easy — follow these simple steps:

  1. Contact our Community Outreach Manager (community@ugclimbing.com) to select an evening for your fundraiser (typically a Friday night).
  2. Once your school is booked, you advertise the event to your school community.
  3. On the night of the fundraiser, your community members just have to let our front desk staff at the time of check in that they are there that night to support your school.
  4. You community members pay our regular price for day passes and/or gear rental.
  5. At the end of the night, we will tally up sales and donate 25% of all day pass and gear rental sales from your community members to your school!

Please understand that though while we strive to support as many events, schools, and community organizations as possible, we cannot support every request.

Our Support of The Local Community

In the past year we are proud to have supported numerous groups, schools, non-profits, and community organizatoins including the following: