Covid-19 Membership Change Form 


Update 3/15/2020

Over the past days we have been constantly evaluating the correct course of action for how to proceed with our operations. We have closely followed our local governments announcement looking for clear guidance to the private sector on recommendations or direction for our local business to follow.  We have had lengthy discussions with many public health and medical professionals looking for recommendations for the appropriate course of action. We have tried so hard not to rely on social media and news outlets, and instead to rely on direction and information from those in our government, our hospitals, and our public health offices. We have implemented all understood recommended practices (stopped group programs, cancelled large events, provided sanitizer, increased cleaning protocols, posted self screening instructions, etc). However, devoid of clear direction or guidance, we have decided to make the very difficult decision to temporarily CLOSE our facility starting today and until further notice. We will make a public announcement when we will reopen and in what capacity. Please keep following us for updates and changes. We will continue to monitor the situation daily and if better public information is made available we will adapt our plans and operations as is necessary or allowed. We appreciate everyone’s support and understanding and greatly look forward to seeing everyone in the not too distant future! Please look for more details from us this week once we have had an opportunity to better understand the situation and its impacts.

Update 3/14/2020

First the good news: We still have toilet paper and hand soap!  

Seriously though, there is a point to this update: We continue to closely monitor the Colorado Department of Health updates and have close communications with medical, infectious disease, and community emergency response professionals. At this time, we have decided to continue to keep the crag open for climbing. 

However…ÜG will be canceling all regularly scheduled group programs starting Monday March 16, 2020 with a current plan to resume them on Monday March 30,2020 (but subject to change as the situation progresses). This affects all youth programs (teams, clubs, and akademies), yoga and fitness programs, and adult programs (such as School or Rock classes). If you are registered for any of these programs we will be sending out updates directly to you in the coming days on options we will have for you (please be patient while we work through this). For our adult fitness classes, we are looking into some fun options to keep our community together and active (but at an appropriate social distance) by hosting some potential outdoor workout programs…more to come out on that soon. We know many of you will still be looking for activity and community connection in your life and we are trying to find responsible ways to do that. We believe that by stopping our regular group programs we will have a significant impact on reducing attendance numbers allowing for those coming in to easily practice social distancing.

And when you do come — we ask all guests to be responsible and self-screen before coming to ÜG (or visiting any other public community space). Please stay home if you or anyone you live with answer “YES” to any of the following:

  • Do you have a fever of 100 degrees or higher?
  • Do you have a cough?
  • Do you have shortness of breath/difficulty breathing?
  • Have you had exposure to corona virus (COVID-19)? (Exposure is considered to be close contact with a known carrier OR travel to an endemic area.)

We will post this along with hand washing reminders at our check-in kiosks as a reminder. Please honestly self-assess your heath each visit and help us protect our community.

Lastly: Yes we have TP…but please don’t take it home with you..others will need it and if we run out, then we may be forced to close. That will be a sad day for all.

Update in response to COVID-19 (Update 3/13/2020)

Amid the current COVID-19 outbreak, our entire community is facing decisions daily on how we will continue to function, especially in the near term. As a business, we too have struggled with determining the appropriate response among confusing and sometimes contradicting information. We have continuously monitored the recommendations from our local health department and have not yet received any clear or direct indication that we should or need to cease our normal daily operations. We plan to stay OPEN until further notice. We intend to maintain this as long as public health officials permit and we have the necessary, able, healthy, and willing staff available. 

For many of our community members, climbing is an outlet to relieve stress and to stay active; these acts have a proven natural ability to boost your immune system. As we all struggle with finding any “normalcy” in our daily routine, we are trying to provide a space for people to find that. 

As many of you are already aware, we have cancelled our Sendy McGriffy USA Climbing youth climbing competition in an effort to avoid creating any community gathering that attracts an unusually large number of people. In place of the USA Climbing Comp, we will be open all weekend for our regular hours and invite everyone to come and climb the amazing competition routes our setters have been working all week on in preparation for the comp. Throughout the weekend (starting today at 3pm), we will have an “Unofficial” Sendy McGriffy Comp going on. This is an ALL AGES COMP where ALL our members and guests that come in can score themselves on these new competition routes. We will then tally and post scores early next week for both youth and adult categories!

Please, if you or anyone in your family is feeling ill, has a fever, or are experiencing any other flu like systems, stay home until you all are back to 100%. However, if you are healthy and need an outlet, we are open for you. During this time, we are stepping up our facility cleaning and disinfecting. We continue to remind guests to please wash your hands before and after climbing. If we find we have higher than expected visitation, we may limit entry to maintain adequate spacing for our guests as they move through the crag; we will monitor our occupancy and make adjustments as necessary.

We are all now beginning to recognize that the months ahead will be impactful to our entire community, our state, the economy, and our nation. Our community’s resilience depends on our member’s continual support. We know many of you will be faced with hardships and decisions as we here at ÜG will be too. For individuals in our community who wish to freeze or cancel a membership, or remove a family member from a regular program, we will of course honor those requests. Our company, and especially our staff who rely on our company’s revenue to survive and thrive, greatly appreciate all our community members who keep their memberships active.  For those who choose to keep their memberships active, we will maintain our normal operations as long as is practical and as long as we have the necessary staff available in an effort to provide a much needed outlet. Your decision to come in is ultimately a personal one.

We have been overwhelmed with calls and questions the past days and are asking that you please send any non-urgent questions or requests to 

We thank everyone for your understanding, support, and patience as we navigate these events.


The Übergrippen Family