Do I need a Reservation?
  • During peak hours (weekdays between 3p and 8p and weekends) we are regularly reaching our maximum capacity, so we highly recommend a reservation. As space is available, we will accept walk in, but ONLY those with reservations are guaranteed entry.

What added precautions is ÜG taking to reduce the risk of COVID-19 spreading through the ÜG Community?

  • Encouraging social distancing by…
    • Severely limiting our capacity
    • Spreading out check-in times using our reservation system.
    • Creating smaller climbing “zones” throughout the facility with limited people in each zone to further help disperse people throughout the facility.
    • Discouraging gathering by removing our lobby furniture for the time being.
    • Encouraging climbers to limit their climbing partners to a select few.
  • Increased sanitation
    • Requiring cloth face coverings at all times
    • Maintaining our high standard of cleaning and regularly disinfecting high-touch surfaces (doors, handles, counters, etc)
    • Providing an overabundance of hand sanitizer stations and encouraging regular cleaning / sanitizing of hands
  • Welcoming our healthy community in
    • Asking all guests to self-assess their health on entry and offering no-contact temperature checks to anyone who wants one
    • Monitoring the health of our staff and requiring any sick or under the weather staff to go home
  • Ventilation
    • Did you know that we have always utilized an evaporative cooling system as our primary cooling system? This is an energy-efficient system AND it uses 100% outside air during the summer cooling season which maximizes our ventilation.
    • In addition, we have high-volume fans and supplemental cooling systems throughout the facility that further increase ventilation and circulation of air.
    • And we have doors…big doors! When the weather allows (not too hot, not too cold) we will open those big doors to bring an abundance of fresh air inside (and often a cool breeze)!
  • Contact tracing
    • We ask every guest coming to ÜG to check in and out (whether climbing, joining a fitness class, or just spectating). This tracing gives us a full log of everyone that has been to the crag and on what days and times. Our check-in data can be used to support local county contact tracing efforts and allows us to send notifications to guests if warranted.

Why do I have to wear a mask?

  • We want to protect our community! The primary mode of COVID-19 transmission is by respiratory droplets. When you are working out, your elevated breathing is creating more of these potentially dangerous droplets and sending them further out into the space around you, putting others at risk of infection if you may be an asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic carrier.
  • Also, we are located in Colorado, where it is required while indoors at a public facility.
  • But more importantly…did I mention it helps keep our community healthy?

What kind of mask must I wear?

  • We are not picky…you may use any cloth mask/face covering that fully covers your mouth and nose but still allows you to still breath comfortably while working out.
  • You DO NOT need to wear a highly restrictive mask (e.g. N95 or tight-fitting face mask).  We just want something in front of your mouth and nose that will catch most of those potentially dangerous droplets from coughing, sneezing, or breathing heavily from climbing and working out hard.  PLEASE FIND A FACE COVERING THAT YOU ARE COMFORTABLE CLIMBING IN THAT COVERS YOUR MOUTH AND NOSE AND LETS YOU BREATHE!  This small action makes a big difference in protecting yourself and those around you!

When can I take off the mask?

  • We ask you keep it on while you’re inside. Need a drink? No problem.  But, please do try to keep it up when you are inside.
  • Check out the “DMZ” (that’s the “De-Mask Zone”) on our patio when you need a break from the confines of the mask. Feel free to step out for a mask break at all times; just respect the space between you and others.

What if I am a small child or a person who meets ADA exceptions to face mask regulations?

  • We require all members and guests ages 3 and up to wear a mask.  We understand it might be hard to get your little one to keep a mask on, but please try your best.
  • Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate people with medical face mask exemptions.  We are truly sorry about this as we hate to turn anyone away, but we need to protect everyone in our facility.  We welcome you back when masks are no longer required!

Why is your capacity limited?

  • We are limiting our facility capacity in order to ensure all guests are able to properly and comfortably socially distance from others while at the crag. 
  • The CDC has stated that person-to-person transmission through respiratory droplets is the primary means for SARS-COV2 to spread. Maintaining social distancing (6 feet or more between people) reduces this transmission.
  • Additionally, the State of Colorado has limited indoor recreation centers to 25% of capacity; our occupancy limits are significantly lower than these limits.

When is the best time to sign up?

  • Reservations will open five days in advance at noon and will remain open until five minutes before the check-in window starts. As long as there are spots open, you are more than welcome to sign up.

How do I sign up for a reservation?

Can a friend take my booking spot?

  • Reservations slots cannot be swapped or traded.  Of course, you can cancel your spot and immediately tell your friend to sign themselves up to ensure they’ll get in.  Remember, you can also drop in to climb if it looks like one of our entry times isn’t full or if we aren’t close to our facility capacity!

Can I book more than one person at a time?

  • Of course!

What if I need to cancel my booking?

  • Please give us a call at (720) 592-0716 and we can take care of it for you or move your booking to a spot that works better for you!

If I cancel my booking, can I sign back up?

  • Of course! You can book again as long as you are within the booking window for a particular entry time and there is still availability during that time.

What is ÜG doing to keep the crag clean?

  • Our staff will constantly be on the prowl to wipe down high-touch surfaces such as counter tops, cubbies, & waiver stations. We have installed an additional hand washing station near our entrance, and there will be enough hand sanitizer stations throughout the facility to make sure that you are always only a few steps away from clean hands!

What about the climbing holds?

  • We typically have 1000’s of holds up at any given time. Sanitizing and cleaning holds is part of our regular route setting process (we strip the holds, sanitize them, and power wash the grime off). This process takes our team of 6 route setters 6-8 weeks to complete for all the routes in the facility…..needless to day, daily sanitizing of holds is not feasible.
  • BUT…..we are here for you. We are placing FDA-approved hand sanitizer throughout the facility (stations in every zone) and encourage sanitizing before and after each climb. 
  • And Remember…the CDC has stated that surface transmission is NOT BELIEVED to be a contributor to the spread of COVID-19 (CLICK HERE to familiarize yourself with the latest CDC information). Its primary transmission is through respiratory droplets, which is why we place a very strong emphasis on social distancing and mask-wearing.

What about yoga and fitness?

  • We are offering a limited schedule of yoga a fitness classes. These classes will have limited capacity and participants will be required to wear masks when the class occurs indoors. Check our YOGA AND FITNESS CALENDAR for more details.
  • Class offerings will be updated as we learn what our members want during this time and how we are able to offer classes within current restrictions.
  • Our gym and cardio area are open for member and guest use, but face masks are required.

What about Youth Programs?

  • Most youth programs (teams, clubs, and Akademies) are still on hold, but kids who have been in our programs are welcome to start coming in to climb (using your membership, day pass, or punch pass). If your kids are ready to come in, just have them RSVP!
  • Summer camps will be running under the restrictions made by the State of Colorado.

When will things return to “normal”?

  • We wish we knew! This question is simply impossible to answer right now. Time will tell! If the spread of the virus and reported cases continue to decrease and the state is able to continue to ease the restrictions on gatherings and businesses, then hopefully we can get back to normal operations. If there ends up being a resurgence in cases, we might have to continue our limited operation or even restrict things further. That is why, more than ever, we need to follow the rules, support and adhere to the restrictions given to us by the state and the cities we live in, and be kind and supportive of one another. A second outbreak that closes down ÜG and other climbing facilities would be devastating! Please help us be a part of the solution!

Will rental gear be available?

  • Since some climbers like to put ropes in their mouths, community lead ropes will not be provided until further notice. YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME TO BRING YOUR OWN LEAD ROPE.
  • Other rental gear (shoes, harnesses, and belay devices) may be rented. Rental gear will be disinfected with a spray disinfectant after each use.

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