All First Time Visitors:

Before You Arrive

First (ideally BEFORE YOU ARRIVE), all of our guests (regardless of whether you are climbing or not) need to read and sign our RELEASE OF LIABILITY AND ASSUMPTION OF RISK (the “waiver”).

Climbing is Dangerous!
Please seek qualified instruction and educate yourself on the risks when you are learning new climbing skills.
Everyone coming to Übergrippen must read and fill out this waiver. Everyone under 18 must have their waiver SIGNED BY THEIR PARENT or COURT-APPOINTED LEGAL GUARDIAN (sorry no grandparents, nannies, neighbors, best friend’s moms, third cousins, weird uncles, or pet dogs).

Upon Arrival at ÜG

With your waiver completed ahead of time, you can proceed directly to our check-in desk (for those that did not complete their waiver, please stop at our waiver station). All first-time guests at ÜG will be given a quick 10-minute facility and safety orientation as well as be provided with instruction on how to use our auto-belay systems (we usually have 11 available).

Have previous climbing experience?

After completing the facility orientation you can take our top rope belay and lead climbing tests to certify you for these activities at ÜG (tests must be taken when you first come in). Make sure you watch our orientation video, too – these provide some great reminders and information on climbing, bouldering, and auto-belay use!

Are you new to climbing?

If this is your first time climbing or it has been a while, we recommend you take the time to review our Advice to First Time Climbers. Here are four options for first time climbers to get you started after completing the orientation:

Auto Belay

Clip in a line where the machine will handle the ropes for you so you can climb the full height of the wall without a partner. You only need a harness for this (we rent them if you don’t have your own). We will provide you with personalized instruction on how to use the equipment and perform important safety checks.


Bouldering provides climbing without need for ropes since the climbing is under 15 feet over pads, but gravity is real (its what makes climbing fun); every fall is a ground fall. Our bouldering floor is nicely padded for landing on, but pads cannot prevent all accidents – use your judgment; you should only climb as high as you are willing to fall. Talk to our staff about proper falling technique.

Belay Class

Take a class with one of our certified climbing instructors to learn the fundamentals of climbing (knots, belaying, communication, safety checks, and basic technique) to help you gain independent access to 90% of our climbs.

Guided Climbing

Want a full-service experience? A personal guide will take you and your friends/family to the most appropriate climbs, providing personal belaying on any top-ropes, and assist with both bouldering and auto-belays.

Got some kids who want to climb?

This is not a problem; at ÜG all ages are welcome! Our alcove is a great place for climbers of all ages to get started. Kids 13 and under must either be DIRECTLY SUPERVISED AT ALL TIMES BY AN ADULT, taking part in one of our many INSTRUCTOR-LED YOUTH PROGRAMS, OR are 11 years old AND have earned their top rope belay certification. Please don’t bring your kids to ÜG without proper supervision.  For our complete Youth Policy including unaccompanied children, youth belaying, lead climbing, and use of auto-belays, please talk with our staff!

If you have your heart set on climbing in our Alcove area (often referred to as the “kids area”) we encourage you to check our facility closure calendar to verify no closures are scheduled that will interfere with your climbing session! We do occasionally close the Alcove for group events such as kids birthday parties.