High School Climbing Club

Übergrippen hosts a high school climbing club that is open to ALL high school students looking for a fun and social climbing group. During the club, we have professional coaching by our Climbing Wall Instructors. If you are looking to compete in the CHSCL (see below), learn some new skills, or just improve your climbing to push your grade, this is a great opportunity. The club meets every Friday evening. To learn more, check out our HS Club Page!

Colorado High School Climbing League (CHSCL)

If you are a high school student and looking to compete against other high schoolers in the state, check out the CHSCL. This is a competition series that is open to ALL Colorado state high school students. Denver area schools compete in the Central Region of the CHSCL. To compete in the Central Region Varsity Final, climbers must compete in 5 of the 7 competitions. Competitors must register both with the league and for each individual competition. If your high school wants to form your own team, please contact our Director of Teams and she can help! Consider using Übergrippen for your team’s training facility and if you are looking for professional coaching for your team, consider joining our High School Climbing Club that meets every Friday evening! We would love to host any of our local schools (DSST, DSA, East, Northfield, GW, Bishop Machebeuf). In addition to hosting team practices, we will also host CHSCL competitions! Check out our competition page to see the schedule and register. To set yourself out from the crowd whilst competing in a competition or when you’re learning new skills, take along some Custom Backpacks with you so everyone will know which High School you belong too. Who knows, maybe you’ll start a trend and everyone who takes part in High School Climbers will follow suit.

DSST Wednesday Climbing Meetup

Attention all DSST Students (Montview and Conservatory Green)!!! Looking for the perfect activity for your early release Wednesdays? Look no further than Übergrippen…we offer a special discounted rate for DSST Students that check in and climb starting before 3pm on Wednesdays! For $15/day or $45/month you get access to the crag between 2pm and 4:30pm and equipment rentals on Wednesday afternoons! To maintain this great option, we require DSST Club Members to finish their climbing activities NO LATER than 4:30pm. If you are already a ÜG Member and go to DSST, you can join in the club for free! For our DSST Club Members, we also offer a belay class on the 1st Wednesday of every month! This class is INCLUDED for monthly club members and is just $10 more for those paying by day! Classes are limited to 4-12 students each session (if fewer than 4 students enroll, then the class will be cancelled).