A Note on Youth Participation

All crag guests under the age of 13 years old must be either supervised by an adult (18 years or older) or enrolled and participating in a staff supervised activity. Those parents that wish to bring their children under 13 years old to the crag without providing supervision will need to enroll them in one of our numerous youth programs (below)  including camps , clubs, after school programs, and climbing teams. Kids 13 years old and older may take our learn to climb classes to learn learn proper use of climbing equipment used at the crag as well as how to belay and climb on top rope. Once a child has completed this course and passed our belay certification, they can climb and belay others at the crag without adult supervision.

Youth Programs

Climbing Team

  • For kids who want to be involved in competitive youth climbing
  • Übergrippen’s USA Climbing Team will be forming in Fall 2017
  • Teams for kids from 6-18 years old

Youth Climbing Clubs

  • For kids / teens looking for a more social climbing experience
  • Clubs for 10-13 y.o. and 14—18 y.o.
  • Monthly events planned for the club members (dinner at the crag, parties, etc)
  • Summer time club meetups

Summer Camps

  • Camps for 7—12 years old
  • Bringing together the sport of climbing with other teaching in relevant knowledge areas (science, health, outdoor eduction and exploration)
  • Full day and half day camp options offered throughout the summer

Spring Break, Winter Break Camps, and school closure days

Afterschool Programs

  • Look for us in local schools

Birthday Parties

Parents Night Out

  • Planned once monthly, check schedule once open

Onsite childcare

  • You work out, we play with the kids.  Check our schedule for times and availability