2020 Winter BOWLdering League

Jan 10, 2020 – March 6, 2020

BOWLdering League- wait… huh? Was that a typo? Nope. At ÜG we took a bad pun to a new level and created an entire league out of it that combines bouldering and bowling. The BOWldering League lasts for 8-weeks and includes two, 1-hour bowling sessions at Punch Bowl Social and TWO DAYS OF BOULDERING for bonus points at The Spot. Additionally, we developed a scoring format which accommodates both recreational and competitive climbers.

Questions? Email our league commissioner. evan@ugclimbing.com

Übergrippen hosts 3 fun and inclusive climbing leagues for our ADULT MEMBERS & GUESTS (18+) each year. Start putting together your team to earn bragging rights as the crag champion…at least for a few months. Each league starts and ends on one of our member nights…what better way to get psyched and celebrate than a party with your favorite climber friends!

Summer Combined League

Dates: June 12th, 2020 – August 14th, 2020

Format: Combined League (Ropes and Bouldering) with both Team and Individual Rankings.

Scoring: 10 weeks total: Alternating 5 of bouldering, 5 of roped climbing. Best 3 weekly scores from both bouldering and roped climbing (6 weeks scores in total) count toward league overall season score and ranking. You can miss up to 4 weeks without penalty.

Fall Rope League

Dates: TBA. New routes are set every Thursday, and each team has until the following Thursday to turn in scorecards.