Introducing Übergrippen’s School of Rock, a comprehensive cavalcade of climbing classes for adults!  Whether you’re brand new or a seasoned veteran looking to fine-tune your craft, we have classes for you.  Our offerings include beginner-level Learn to Climb classes, a progressive six-part program to learn and master technique, outdoor climbing skills classes, technique tidbits, and physical training workshops.

Learn to Climb

Looking to get started on your journey of the vertical realm? ÜG offers two introductory classes for new climbers. Our two-hour Learn to Belay class will teach you all the technical skills you need to start climbing on your own. Our 50/50 Climbing Club consists of four classes that cover belaying, basic technique, bouldering, and climbing terminology to give you a strong foundation of skills!

Raise Your Grade Series: Climbing Movement

The Raise Your Grade Series is a comprehensive climbing movement course consisting of six progressive classes that cover footwork, body positioning, momentum, and much more. Our coaches will explain the principles of climbing techniques, provide direct feedback to each student, and share movement drills that you can train outside of practice.

Whether you’re just starting out in climbing or you want to go from 5.12 to 5.13, the Raise Your Grade Series is for you!

Outdoor Sport Climbing Classes

Übergrippen may be the best indoor climbing crag, but there are many outdoor crags to be enjoyed as well! Our Outdoor Sport Climbing class consists of two separate 2-hour sessions.

Under the supervision of our AMGA-trained staff, you will learn and practice all the additional skills and techniques required to take your cragging outside!


With the exception of our Learn to Climb classes (Learn to Belay and 50/50 Club), all School of Rock classes are priced according to hours of instruction.  The more hours you purchase at one time, the more you save!  To receive the best deals, you must sign up at the front desk.  All online sales are set at $15/hour.

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Checking out our full schedule and curriculum guide will provide much more information before you scroll through each individual offering below.

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