The Approach

According to Wikipedia, in climbing, the approach is defined as:Traill Marker

The path or route to the start of a technical climb. Although this is generally a walk or, at most, a scramble it is occasionally as hazardous as the climb itself.

HallstattFor Übergrippen, “The Approach” is our blog that will document the path to opening an indoor climbing facility in heart of NE Denver.  The Approach will tell the story of who we are, what we plan for this business to become, and provide interesting and fun stories that document our development of this business.  We anticipate our opening will be summer 2016.  Though opening it still a ways out, there are certain to be challenges along the trail that may make for an interesting or funny read for our future members!  This blog is written by the Founders and Owners of Übergrippen, Jake and Kimberly Crine.

To begin our journey, I would like to tell the story of following a path.

JakeIn the summer of 1997, Kim and I were traveling through Europe (Austria and Bavaria) together.  While staying in the scenic Alpine Village of Hallstatt, Austria, we went on a hike up and over the mountains to the a neighboring town.  Instead of the typical rock cairns marking the trail for us that we were familiar with (being from Colorado), we found the trail marked by small Austrian Flags (red and white horizontal stripes) painted on rocks and trees.   At one point it Kimseemed as though we had lost the trail completely, but after several minutes of looking around, we finally see it…a trail of small Austrian flags going straight up the steep mountain hillside…not a switchback in sight…just UP.  These flags lead us on our journey to the top of the mountain pass and back down the other side to reach the town of Gosausee just in time to catch the day’s last bus back to Hallstatt.

The Approach to Übergrippen will be marked with our own trail marker.  But instead of Austrian flags going straight up a steep hillside, our path is marked with the Übergrippen flag (Orange and White).  Please follow our story, The Approach, which will lead you to incredible climbing in the not too distant future!  If you have not already, please opt in to our communications and
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