The Approach

Issue 3                                                                                                                               November 7, 2015

“The Crag”

As the founders of Übergrippen, we have been focused on trying to find ways to build a community around our business.  For us, this meant creating a place where people WANT to come!  Week after week, year after year.  Its where friends come to hang out and play, families spend an afternoon together, first dates happen, and organizations come to strengthen team bonds.  As such, we wanted our name to emphasize we are more than a place to train and get in shape…we are more than a “Climbing Gym”, we are NE Denver’s local “Climbing Crag”.

In naming Übergrippen an “Indoor Climbing Crag”, we wanted to convey the idea of community, of recreation, of uniqueness.  For those that don’t know, a crag, as defined by Marriam Webster, is a “A steep rugged rock or cliff”.  In the climbing world, crag gets used to describe localized areas of rock cliffs with climbing routes.  A crag is a place you meet up with your friends, take a hike to the base of the route, and spend an afternoon climbing.  At the end of the day, you will often find yourself sitting on the tailgate of a car opening up a beer or other favorite beverage and reliving the day’s adventure!

In opening Übergrippen, we want to capture the culture of climbing.  There will be a “BaseCamp” where you can fuel and nourish your body, caffeinate, hydrate, play a game of corn hole, show off your skills (or lack of) on the slack line, and ultimately kick your feet up and relax.  There will be places inside and out to just hang out with friends and family to rehash the day’s climbs.

We have intentionally avoided the use of the term “gym”.  To us, a gym is often a place you have to go to stay healthy and fit (“hey honey, I have to go to the gym to work out in the morning”).  By choosing to be a member at Übergrippen, our members will be choosing to join a community!  A place they look forward to going every week to meet up with friends to do what you love.  It will be about recreation — which to us is the art of having fun while being active!  It will be about unity — bring together families, friends, coworkers, and community groups.

We will of course offer our community members and guests great fitness facilities and classes (yoga, pilates, boot camps), because we all need to cross train to be ready to perform well at the sports we love!  As we plan our programs, facilities, and equipment, we want to make sure we are meeting the needs and expectations of our customers.  We would love to hear what our followers would like to see in the space to make it appealing (send us your opinions and ideas).

We also believe that when people go to “gyms” they most often have a single facility that they use.  In climbing however, going to a local climbing crag is often an exploration.  A climber would never visit the same crag exclusively, they would be on the search for new routes, cliffs, experiences.  Often people have their favorite (which we hope to become for our local community), but that does not stop people from exploring others.  By offering AMAZING CLIMBING at our crag, we know we will attract visitors from across the city (and maybe further).  Our selection of climbing wall manufacturer has us extremely excited!  They will help us to create a phenomenal environment that will turn heads and make for some of the best indoor climbing you can find!  We expect to become a premier climbing crag once we open!

Now we just can’t wait to start hearing folks saying “I am heading over to THE CRAG with the guys to climb for a couple hours”!  If you are excited about being part of our community, please make sure you are SIGNED UP to receive updates and announcements!

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