First Time Visitors

  • Before you Arrive: 
    • Before your first visit, we highly recommend you complete the online waiver prior to coming to the crag to expedite the orientation process. This will also ensure you have adequate time to review the waiver in detail and ask any questions you may have). ALL GUESTS (including non-climbers) COMING INTO THE CRAG MUST HAVE A WAIVER COMPLETED. Guests under 18 years old must have their waiver completed by their parent or court-appointed legal guardian only. No exceptions. If you forget or are unable to complete the waiver prior to your visit, you will be able to complete the waiver when you arrive at the crag at one of our several computer waiver stations. Please allow adequate time to read and review the document in detail.
    • In addition to the waiver, we also request you watch our BOULDERING ORIENTATION video and the CLIMB SMART video.
  • Your First Visit to the Crag: All first time guests  will be given an orientation that introduces you to our facility and will familiarize you with our climbing features, route setting, fitness areas, and rules. Once completed, you will earn your first “Crag Badge” — the orientation badge. Please allow approximately up to 20 minutes to complete this orientation.
    • Climbing is Dangerous: Indoor climbing is mostly practiced as an individual (without direct facility staff supervision) unless individuals choose to enroll in programs or guided climbing options. Individuals learning climbing skills should always seek qualified instruction. Individuals taking part in climbing accept responsibility for using equipment properly every time they climb and performing all safety checks and using recommended buddy checks. If you are unfamiliar with how to use a system (auto-belay, top rope, etc) please contact a UG staff member for orientation and training.
  • The Belay Test: Guests with previous climbing experience wishing to either use the auto belays, top rope belay, or lead climb/belay will be required to complete a review of their skills by our staff (aka “the belay test”).  There are three different crag badges you can earn that demonstrate your level of proficiency.  To earn your badge, you must be able to successfully demonstrate the following skills:
    • The Auto Belay Badge: How to properly put on your harness, what you need to inspect on your harness, proper Auto Belay clip-in, dangers of solo climbing, and use and knowledge of Auto Belay gates. We always recommend ALL USERS of auto-belays request a “buddy check” before climbing on an auto-belay. Buddy checks are an important in all types of roped climbing and are there to provide additional assurance to the climber that they are clipped in or tied in properly. Before starting EVERY climb, the user should always double check they are properly clipped into the auto-belay at the correct point. Users of auto-belays accept all responsibility for clipping in to the system properly.
    • The Top Rope Badge: How to tie into the rope using a “Figure 8 Follow Through” knot, how to inspect your knot and harness, verbal commands, belay device set-up, and demonstrated proper belay technique including taking slack, catching a falling climber (simulated), and lowering a climber.
    • The Lead Climb Badge: To pass a lead climbing test, you must be able to climb a 5.9.  When climbing you must demonstrate proper clipping technique and be able to describe improper clipping practices (z-clipping, back clipping). Climbers should be able to describe and identify improper foot work (stepping foot behind the rope). When belaying, you will demonstrate quickly letting out and taking in slack, how to catch a fall, and proper position to the wall.

First Time Climbers

If you are new to the sport or it has been a while and you need a refresher before jumping right in, we have several options for you.

  • Our staff can provide first time climbers a short orientation on how to use our Auto-Belay systems (we have over 10 Auto-Belays).  Auto-Belays do allow guests without previous climbing experience to go through a short (5-10 minutes) training and certification on system use. Once certified, guests are free to use the Auto-Belay systems on their own (without staff supervision).  Users of auto-belays accept all responsibility for clipping in to the system properly – failure to clip in properly can result in falling from height. Those individuals that are not comfortable with proper auto-belay or need additional training or want an different experience should speak with our staff.
  • For individuals who want to learn to climb so that you may participate on your own, we recommend you enroll in our introduction to climbing course, “The Crag Experience”.  This is a 2-hour course that teaches the fundamentals of climbing movement, how to properly tie in to a rope and belay a climber on top rope, and the proper use and inspection of climbing equipment. After completing this course, you will be given a 14-day trial membership (rental equipment not included) which allows you to come and climb on your own. On your first visit after completing the course you will be required to first take our belay test which certifies you to belay others on top rope.
  • For those that just wish to sample climbing without committing to a full class, we offer our “All Inclusive Crag Experience” packages.  These packages give you entry to the facility for one full day, facility orientation, Auto Belay orientation, rental gear, and  a dedicated staff member to guide you through the crag while providing top rope belaying.  A standard amount of guided climbing is included in each package; if you would like more additional time with your guide, you may purchase additional guided 30 minute blocks ($20 for each 30 minute block). After completing your guided climbs, guests may also continue to climb on their own using our Auto Belays or bouldering facilities.  If you fall in love with climbing, on your next visit you may wish to enroll in the “Crag Experience” course.  Please allow for a minimum of 1 hour for the Get on Belay package (including check in, orientation, and guided climbs). Advanced reservations are strongly recommended though we will always attempt to accommodate you if our staffing and facility crowds will allow.  To book your All Inclusive Crag Experience, call us at 720-592-0716.  Our All Inclusive packages start at $48 for one participant (including 30 minutes of private guiding) or $98 for two participants with 1 hour of guided climbing (additional participants are extra).

A Note on Youth Participation