Happy New Year!  2016 will bring some incredible new developments in the NE Denver area that Übergrippen is extremely excited to be part of!  These include the opening of the Stanley Marketplace in Aurora (just 1/4 mile from our location), the new Eastbridge Town Center, Punch Bowl Social that will open in the historic Central Park air traffic control tower, opening of the A Line commuter train that runs from Union Station to DIA every 15 minutes (with a stop 1 mile from our location), and the completion of the trail network and park expansion along Sand Creek and Westerly Creek. We are excited to start the year by sharing exciting news on our development.

BKB_CHI_webIt has been our goal from the beginning to make Übergrippen a community focused business; an “Indoor Climbing Crag” that serves the entire NE Denver population.  This includes kids, teens, adults, families, couples, athletes, friends, neighbors…anyone wanting to give climbing a try or wanting to achieve mastery of the sport. To help us in this endeavor, we have chosen Vertical Solutions, a wall builder that has a strong belief that building community space is just as important as building amazing walls (which, OBTW, they also do).

Vertical Solutions is from our neighboring state of Utah and is committed to maximizing the use of US sourced products.  Additionally, they have been part of some of the most exciting recent climbing gym projects in our country including 3 “Brooklyn Boulders” facilities (Boston, Chicago, and Queens NY) and their own The Front climbing gyms in Utah including the massive expansion of their Salt Lake City location which opened this past fall.  Vertical Solutions brings a totally unique and visually stunning wall product that is characterized by their use of naturally finished baltic birch wall panels and surfaces with complex curvatures.  The level of craftsmanship they employ in their product is completely unique in the climbing world.  We couldn’t be more excited to become the next member of the Vertical Solution portfolio.


The ÜG crag will have a dedicated kids climbing area, a bouldering area, and a large roped climbing area with lead climbing, top rope, and auto belay options.  We will also have a fitness area with free weights and state of the art cardiovascular equipment.  We also have a great yoga studio and group exercise room for hosting classes.  And finally a specialty training area with system wall, campus boards, and ÜberWarrior apparatus for those who aspire to be the next ANW!  As our facility design matures over the next month, we will be sending out periodic email updates that will preview the designs in each of these areas including the latest renderings by Vertical Solutions wall designs.  So make sure you are SIGNED UP to receive our Email newsletter, The Approach.

33 thoughts on “Vertical Solutions Named as ÜG Wall Builder

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