WAIVER UPDATE: We have implemented a new waiver EFFECTIVE 6/1/2020. All members, guests, and visitors will need to sign a new waiver before entering the facility. Please plan ahead, and complete the waiver before you arrive to save time during your visit!

Climbing is an activity that offers many life benefits including mind, body, spirit, and community. Before joining us at Übergrippen to climb, take part in a fitness class, attend a party or event, participate in a climbing program or other crag activity, or just hang out with your friends and family, we want to make you aware of the dangers associated with the activities offered at our crag. We require all our members, participants, observers, and facility guests (this includes both climbers and non-climbing observers) to review and sign ourRelease of Liability and Assumption of Risk Agreement“. Even those not climbing need to be aware of the risks within the facility including potential falling objects that may create a hazard to you. If you are under 18, your waiver MUST BE SIGNED BY YOUR PARENT OR COURT-APPOINTED LEGAL GUARDIAN ONLY (no exceptions). If you forget or are unable to complete the waiver prior to your visit, you will be able to complete the waiver when you arrive at the crag at one of our several computer waiver stations (please allow adequate time to read and review the document in detail – you may preview of the document using the link below).  We also recommend you watch the two videos below that provide some info to help enhance your climbing experience.

Fill Out Our Release of Liability and Assumption of Risk: ONLINE NOW!

 Watch Our Important Orientation Videos

Climb for a Lifetime, ClimbSmart! (courtesy of the Climbing Wall Association)

A Note on Youth Participation